Mercedes S500 Coupe 2015 Review by Hasan Kutbi

Hasan Kutbi review the all new Mercedes S500 4Matic 2015 Coupe in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. the car was lend by Modern Fleet car rental in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The new S-class Coupe is meant to be the replacement for the old CL-class and they certainly have done a phenomenal job with that. Except of all of the standard S-class features, the new Coupe also provide its owner with sport and a remarkable amount of joy.

The new S500 coupe comes with a 4.6 liter, twin-turbo charged V8 which is producing 455 hp and a crazy amount of torque. It also comes with the optional 4Matic AWD system which helps the S-class and its heavy weight, to stay in the right line.

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