2016 Paris Motor Show: Ferrari 488 GTB 70-Year Anniversary

In 2017 Ferrari will be celebrating its 70th anniversary, and naturally it’s got a few party plans. Leading the conga is a car you’ve already heard about: the open top LaFerrari, which has been officially unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show as the LaFerrari Aperta. But this will not be the only celebratory Prancing Horse that gets to wear the special new 70 years badge just ahead of the rear wheelarch, as Ferrari has also announced 350 bespoke Tailor Made editions to buck up the rest of the range.

To make these cars truly distinctive, Ferrari has chosen 70 liveries from its historic back catalogue to be represented on these new models – with one example of each livery available on each of the five cars in the current mainstream Ferrari range. This makes every individual car unique, as no matter the livery there will only be one 488 GTB, one F12, one California T, and so on

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